Be in a shot with winning £1 million! How to apply for ITV's new 'Red or Black' game show

Red or Black

How would you like to win £1 million for just selecting between the colours red and black? Well thanks to ITV1's new game show 'Red or Black' you can! The Simon Cowell produced show, which will be hosted by Ant and Dec will have £7 million up for grabs over one week this summer! Read on to find out how to apply...

Unlike Cowell's other shows there's no need to be able to sing or dance... you just have to be lucky!

It all starts in June at the Red or Black? Arena in Wembley with a series of spectacular events, each with two possible outcomes - Red or Black. If you choose the right outcome you will move one step closer to winning that massive, life-changing one million pound prize.

The next stage of the show will take place at a number of locations around the UK. You’ll be asked to choose which location you would like to attend and on which date, via the application form.

At the location, more dramatic rounds will be played out. Who will jump higher, where will it land, who will be quickest? Whatever the question posed, there will only ever be two possible answers - Red or Black. It couldn't be any simpler.

The final stage takes place live on ITV1 at the Red or Black? studio in September. Once there, you are just a few correct choices away from becoming a millionaire.

So, do you feel lucky? Your luck could make you a millionaire, you just need to apply.

To start the application head over to the official ITV1 Red or Black site now

Good luck... boy are you going to need it...

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