BBC to celebrate life and work of composer Hans Zimmer in new documentary

The BBC is to celebrate the life and work of composer Hans Zimmer in a new documentary.

Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel is a one-off film for BBC Two which will air on Sunday, 16 October at 9PM.

The hour-long show will look back at Hans’ glittering forty-year career, having redefined the movie score.

A teaser shares: “Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel is an in-depth, personal profile of the most influential and talented movie composer of his generation, getting inside the head of the man whose music has dominated modern movie making.

“Often imitated but never bettered, Hans’ distinctive sound has dominated the film industry for over twenty years – and having his name credited on a movie poster is now just as valuable as including a visionary director or A-list actor. He has raised the profile of music scores and their importance in Hollywood filmmaking, as well as bringing classical music to a whole new generation.

“This portrait will seek to reveal the musical secrets of Hans’ craft – how he goes about terrifying us, moving us, and raising our spirits. It will explore Hans’ impressive Oscar-winning Hollywood career, having written scores for some of the most internationally recognised blockbusters, romcoms and animations, including The Lion King, Rain Man, Pirates of The Caribbean, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, 12 Year A Slave, The Thin Red Line, The Da Vinci Code and Dune.

“Plus it will look back at the music he created for ground-breaking, iconic BBC Studios Natural History films, including Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II and Frozen Planet II. The film will also see the multi-talented Hans turn his hand to performing, having played in front of thousands on his live 2022 European rock tour.”

The documentary will feature interviews with the likes of Ron Howard, Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Barry Levinson, James L Brooks, Gore Verbinski, Steve McQueen, Stephen Frears and Tim Bevan.

Hans Zimmer said: “I’m honoured to be sharing this insight into my career and life with the BBC audience. My hope is that this documentary inspires and emboldens you to unapologetically pursue your passions and find a deeper understanding for my scores and above all, music.”

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