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The Apprentice 2017: Fired candidates claims show was ‘unfairly’ edited

Fired Apprentice candidate Andrew Brady has hit out at the show for ‘unfair’ editing.


Andrew was fired from The Apprentice 2017 this week after seemingly swearing in front of a client.

In the latest episode, candidates had to make money from doggy businesses.

The task ended in a boardroom bloodbath as three candidates were fired by Lord Sugar.

One of them was Andrew, who was told by Lord Sugar: “Andrew, you come across to me as immature. The swearing, I don’t like that at all, I did warn you about it.

“You want my honest opinion, I think you are here maybe four or five years too early. I don’t think you are ready yet.”

“So Andrew, you’re fired.”


But in an interview with The Sun newspaper after his exit, Andrew accused the show of being unfairly edited.

He insisted: “I didn’t swear at the time it was portrayed.

“I’m very p***** off because it was put in at a time to deliberately make me look bad. It is total b******s.”

The business wannabe continued: “They used it to tell a storyline – and Sarah went along with it. She did what she had to do. She was probably in the right to do what she did – I don’t hold it against her.”

And in a parting shot to the remaining contestants, Andrew added: “Ultimately I am not going to play the tiny violin for myself.


“All I can say is that the candidates left are total weirdos who all buy their own Instagram followers.”

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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