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Ann Widdecombe reveals why she signed up to Celebrity Big Brother

Ann Widdecombe has explained why she said yes to Celebrity Big Brother after turning down offers in the past.


And no, it wasn’t the money.

Tonight saw the first half of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 cast revealed as eight leading ladies joined the house.

First into the BB bungalow was former MP Ann Widdecombe. The ex politician has become known for her TV appearances in recent years, previously competing in Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking about signing up for the show, Ann revealed ahead of the launch: “I always said I never would, and that was my reaction this year.

“I’ve been told, assured and promised it’s different from usual; that it’s more serious and it’s in celebration of the year of the woman, full of sensible debates about women and their roles, so I said OK I’ll try it.”

She added: “I shan’t be at all impressed if it’s the usual tawdry set up but I’m assured it won’t be.”


Chatting to The Sun newspaper, Ann went on to reveal she had never actually seen an episode of the show herself.

The 70-year-old explained: “I’ve never seen a whole episode of Big Brother in my life but inevitably things percolate from it into the news. I’m never likely to forget George Galloway pretending to be a cat and if they expect me to act the silly fool like that then they’ll be disappointed.”

Ann added: “Maybe Big Brother thinks I’ll be very easily irritated with some of the other people. Maybe they think I’ve got a short fuse and that I’ll produce them with a lot of very interesting clashes.”


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5.

Male celebrities will join the current cast from Friday.