PICTURES! Big Brother's Ashleigh Hughes topless for Zoo magazine

Big Brother 2012 contestant Ashleigh Hughes has stripped in this week’s ZOO magazine.

“This is my dream job,” says the 21-year-old Essex hottie who was evicted prior to the final of the regular series. “I’m the girl who gets her boobs out on the first day of the holiday. I’d love to do this forever, so I definitely think you should ask me back again.

“I’ve never done a photoshoot before, so this is a big exclusive! The closest I ever got was a contest that included dancing with girls on a podium, performing a lapdance and doing a wet T-shirt match-off. I came second!”

And it seems like Ashleigh has no plans to return to her normal life any time soon, adding: Going back to being a Debenhams sales assistant isn’t an option now. I can’t be sitting at a desk all my life. I’d rather be in a studio like this!”

The full photo shoot appears in this week’s ZOO Magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).

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  • Jenny Christensen

    Well as this ‘job’ requires only a pair of false boobs and no brain power whatsoever, Ashleigh should do very well.

    • sonia


  • Lisa Burton

    Well we could see the desperation when she was in the BB house, but hat’s off to the make-up department alas cannot hide the natural ugliness. There are chimps in London ZOO who look 10 times better and thats when behind the bars! Get lost Ashleigh we’ve had enough of you now.

  • sonia

    ashley is just so jealous of Lauren that she is following her steps. hate her

  • sonia

    well hidden the dark circles around her eyes and hats off to contouring to hide her witch nose